Payment and delivery

Shipping Method:

Pickup from the warehouse of the company
Through transport companies.
Delivery is carried out by transport companies after 100% advance payment for the goods. for delivery of goods services are paid separately by the Buyer.

After delivery of the goods to the transport company manager will contact you and inform about sending your order. Also, you will be sent a receipt (the declaration) by e-mail, which confirms the acceptance of the cargo for transportation transport company. After receiving all the necessary information you will be able to track the status of your order in the transport company by number of receipt (Declaration).

List of transportation companies that can send an order:

“In-Time”, “Delivery”, “New Mail”


Cashless payments ;

Payment is at stake Privat or money order;

Vstanovit payment services PRIVATE button 24;

Cash on delivery only New Mail;

Payment for the goods on delivery in the NP ward (sending COD NP will be more expensive, since, in addition to payment for the goods, added Shipping charges money back 20grn and 2% of the transferred amount)


For Ukrainian customers have the opportunity to make purchases on our website under “Products.”, Or by sending an order to our e-mail:

Information for wholesale customer:

For wholesale clients, we offer cooperation

For more information, you should register in the register of members by specifying the necessary details.

When registering please indicate that you are a wholesale customer.

After processing the received information to Your e-mail will be sent a letter of request to provide copies of the documents:

copy of the certificate of state registration of the legal entity or entrepreneur;

evidence of payment of the single tax or VAT;

Customers who presented copies of documents, receive confirmation of successful registration and access to wholesale prices.

Order TM “Veselka” wholesale products you can, via the order form, sending it to our e-mail

After our order processing manager (in the period 1-2 working days) you will receive an e-mail a letter of co-operation conditions.